Ukrainian Mission donates ambulances to frontline soldiers

2024-05-02 11:52:17

The national anthems of Ukraine and the Kingdom of Belgium were played in the Knowledge Square on the campus of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) on May 1. For the third time, the ceremony for the transfer of specially equipped ambulances to various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place at KPI within the framework of the social project "Ukrainian Mission of Ihor Vitenko", involving the Belgian volunteer community. Organizational support was, as always, provided by the NGO Council on Environmental Safety and the Ukrainian Peace Council (UPC).


The solemn ceremony brought together representatives from the "Ukrainian Mission of Ihor Vitenko" project, headed by Mr. Vitenko himself, the Belgian volunteer community, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Ukraine, led by Peter Van De Velde, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. In addition, members of the Ukrainian Peace Council and NGO Council on Environmental Safety (Ihor Vitenko represents this organization in Belgium), officials from the Kherson Regional State Administration and medical institutions based in the city of Kherson, and the Zolotonosha District State Administration in the Cherkasy region (both regions receiving support from the Belgian volunteer community) were present. Servicemen from the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also participated in the ceremony.


According to Mykhailo Zgurovsky, UPC Head and KPI Rector, 14 ambulances, specially designed to transport wounded or injured soldiers from the fierce combat zone, arrived in Kyiv from Belgium under the auspices of the Ihor Vitenko’s project to shore up military medicine on the frontline. These ambulances were then deployed to the hottest spots.

Previously, the Svit popular science newspaper has featured the story of Ihor Vitenko's mission. He is a Ukrainian residing and working in Belgium for over two decades, one of the experts in wound care, officially recognized in Belgium. Mr. Vitenko practices at the Jan Palfijn Hospital in Ghent. When the full-scale Russian invasion began on February 24, 2022, he immediately went to the city of Vinnytsia, where he operated on several hundred wounded soldiers and saved many defenders of Ukraine from amputations, using the latest technologies. Still, his volunteer activities continue to expand. Mykhailo Zgurovsky emphasized that thanks to Ihor Vitenko's volunteer activities, a large amount of charitable aid was provided to Ukraine, including about 90 ambulances, more than 100 medical beds, dozens of trucks loaded with vital medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals and the military.

Owing to Igor Vitenko's transparent policy and personal credibility, a large number of volunteers joined this charity project, forming one of the most influential volunteer groups in Belgium.


Expressing gratitude during the ceremony, Ihor Vitenko appreciated the tireless efforts of all those contributing to aid Ukraine. And this community does not stop for a single moment. According to Mr. Vitenko, the 73rd truck with humanitarian aid was en route to Ukraine as part of the initiative while the ceremony was taking place. In conclusion, Dr. Vitenko expressed appreciation to the defenders of Ukraine and promised to persist in helping in every possible manner to minimize losses in personnel and ensure the provision of requisite medical and other aid to the military.

The Mission of Ihor Vitenko has been providing assistance to both administrations and certain institutions since the first days of the full-scale invasion. Iryna Ternova, head of the Zolotonosha District State Administration, and Iryna Sokur, director of the Kherson Regional Oncology Center, shared their experience of collaborating with the volunteer community and awarded them the certificates of appreciation of their cooperation.

"After the Russian invasion, Ukraine has sustained, and freedom-loving nations across the world stand with it," emphasized Peter Van De Velde. "Ukraine has no choice but to defend itself, and it needs our support. The support, which came today, thanks to the network of volunteers working in Belgium is a proof that the support comes not only from the government, but also from the people who care about Ukrainians."




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