- developing and carrying out programs to strengthen constitutional principles and laws of a peaceful, neutral, country free from nuclear weapons, to guarantee Ukrainian citizens their right to live in peace, harmony, and international cooperation

- active campaign against warmongering propaganda, nations territory division, assistance in resolving conflicts in a peaceful and fair manner based on mutual interests and acceptable compromises

- participation in the improvement of various forms of national diplomacy in order to develop models of violence-free world, to secure principles for free communication and mutual understanding among nations, representatives of public organizations

-promotion of Ukraines positive image beyond its borders


In recent years the UPC has primarily concerned itself with defining the most urgent problems in Ukraines social and political life, their publicizing, and with finding allies in assisting public movements, foundations and other organizations with integration into independent structures

Ukraines vital issues are finding the path to follow for independent young country with recognizing new political realities and creating the material and technical found for further development

For UPC all abovementioned should primarily satisfy its main principle - Preservation of Peace and Harmony in Ukraine

Therefore, in the times when conflicts arise among states, ethnic and political groups, the Ukrainian Peace Council calls for peace and harmony, for peace actions to prevent conflicts and violence


Plans: to develop and implement purposeful programs aimed at maintaining peace both in Ukraine and abroad as indicated in the Statutory programs and objectives:

- Peace in free and democratic society -

- Peace and social justice -

- Peace and culture -

- Peace and the human rights -

- Education in the spirit of peace -

- Peace and ecological safety -

- Peace, children and family -

To develop and carry out projects and programs defined by the UPC Statute, jointly with UPC Regional Organizations and associated members

To intensify activities of the Presidium as well as UPC Regional Organizations and associated members with the purpose of:

  • -encouraging Ukrainians to join UPC Organizations
  • -fostering cooperation between the Ukrainian non-governmental public organizations
  • -informing the public about the UPC activities through the mass media

  • -holding various peace events jointly with the UPC associated members and Ukrainian public organizations

To renew and establish new UPC Regional Organizations

To cooperate with international non-governmental public peace organizations which pursue priorities similar to those of the UPC. To develop joint projects to champion the cause of peace both in Ukraine and abroad

To promote cooperation with non-governmental public organizations at the UPC meetings and during international congresses conferences, forums, festivals etc


To develop relations with international public municipal and veteran organizations on establishing UPC International Departments with the functions of coordinating public relations abroad


To develop and implement peace projects and programs jointly with the UPC International Department in Greece


To take part in carrying out Ukrainian and international projects and programs


To concern on serious conflicts in support of the major objective of the Ukrainian peace movement:

Maintenance of peace and harmony both in Ukraine and abroad


To update and support the UPC website

To maintain the Ukrainian Public Figures program recognition of UPC associated members, public figures and citizens with the Ukrainian Peace Council Honorary Awards

To promote childrens health-improvement programs both in Ukraine and abroad


To hold joint congresses, conferences, seminars, round table discussions, cruises and other events with Ukrainian and international organizations