In 1960s, the Ukrainian Peace Council initiated the Dartmouth conferences, which initially cleared tension in Soviet-American relations. Two of five conferences took place in Ukraine. During the rebuilding years (perestroika), the UPC initiated joint Ukrainian-American expeditions and peace cruises


The Ukrainian Peace Council was among the first enlighteners to inform the nation on the Chornobyl disaster aftermath, demanded open access to information about the disaster, resisted plans to build a nuclear plant in Chyhyryn and Danube - Dnieper canal. Together with the Ukrainian Culture Fund the UPC successfully prevented multiple constructions on the island of Khortytsia and in the Kaniv National Preserve. Jointly with the pro-environmental organization “Zelenyi Svit” (Green World), the UPC lauched a campaign for environmental safety. Thanks to the UPC's insistent demands the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held a special session dealing with this issue and initiated the creation of a relevant ministry (Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine)


The UPC held dozens forums on such issues as child mortality rate, numerous and serious cases of environmental law infringement, problems in the energy sector, the dangerous state of the protective structure over Reactor Unit 4 of the Chornobyl nuclear power station known as “the Sarcophagus”. A conference which was held on March 1991, laid out an action plan. One of the premier topic was the Eurochornobyl-2 seminar organized jointly with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the organization “Zelenyi Svit”. The seminar involved researchers from 32 countries.


The UPC initiated Chornobyl-theme lessons in Ukrainian schools in order not to forget mistakes of the past and heroes who sacrificed their lives 


The UPC started the Children's Educational Exchange program which gained popularity and inspired many other organizations


In the early 1990s, theUPC organized international peace cruises along the Dnipro River and Ukrainian-American peace expeditions. And also collaborated with such organizations as “UkraineUSA”, “Bridges for Peace” and many others


Over time the UPC has established contacts with numerous foreign peace and non-governmental organizations, cooperating on moratorium on tests of nuclear and chemical weapons


Through cooperation with these organizations, the UPC's charity activities enabled around 10 000 Ukrainian children to improve their health in the Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Slovakia, France, and Switzerland. The UPC also provided Ukraine with medical humanitarian aid worth 13 million USD



                                                                 In 2006 the Ukrainian Peace Council celebrated its 55th Anniversary


Over the recent years the UPC, in cooperation with numerous international organizations, initiated and participated in international peacekeeping activates which were aimed at establishing sustained peace in the world, promotion of anti-nuclear movement, development of a global peace and security system, seeking non-violent solutions to conflicts, reinforcing universal moral and spiritual values, promotion peace, non-violence and tolerance in young people through education


Such international activities allow their participants – the UPC in particular – to find similar organizations, put forward their ideas and proposals, represent the Ukrainian community, unite international civil organizations to achieve the aforementioned aims, actively participate in international peacekeeping on behalf of Ukraine


One of the strategic tasks of the Ukrainian Peace Council is involving major institutions and organizations of Ukraine and other countries to the UPC's activities as collective members. Our experience proves that cooperation with collective members is mutually beneficial. When we develop social, humanitarian or business projects, we start by determining whether they can be carried out together with our collective members



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