National Technical University of Ukraine

«Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»


It is our pleasure to invite you to attend

the International Forum "Ecology and Peace"


The Forum aims to address environmental challenges stemming

from russian armed aggression against Ukraine.


Organizers of the event include:  

  • Ukrainian Peace Council
  • All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine"
  • Council on Environmental Safety. 


Event's co-organizers:

  • Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • NGO Ukrainian Alliance



         - Opening ceremony featuring speeches by government officials, political and public figures, scientists, the military, international guests.

         - Thematic panel discussions (three sessions).

         - Startup projects and engineering developments competition in the environmental area.

         - Closing session. Adoption of the Forum Declaration. 


The International Forum "Ecology and Peace"

will take place at the National Technical University of Ukraine 

"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

in Kyiv on May 15-16, 2024.


The Forum will be held in a hybrid format allowing for both in-person and online participation.


Participant registration form online:


Please see the attached concept of the event for reference.


Program layout (as of 8 May 2024)


Program (as of 14 May 2024)


Local Organizing Committee


Contacts:        tel.: +380 44 204 9505

               tel.: +380.

Download Files:
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files/slon/Proiekt_programi_29-03-2024.pdf download
files/slon/Draft-Program-29-03-2024.pdf download
files/slon/Struktura-Programi-25_04_2024.pdf download
files/slon/Programa_08-05-2024.pdf download
files/slon/Struktura_Programi_stanom_na_08_05_24.pdf download
files/slon/Program_layout_08-05-2024.pdf download
files/slon/Programa_13-05-2024.pdf download
files/slon/Program_as_of_2024-05-13.pdf download
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files/slon/Kontsepts_ya_14-03-2024.pdf download
files/slon/Program_as_of_2024-05-14.pdf download