THE UKRAINIAN PEACE COUNCIL (UPC) (formerly: Ukrainian Republican Peace Committee) was founded in September 1951 on the initiative of prominent representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia; among the others: V.Komisarenko, O.Palladin, B.Paton, L.Pervomayskiy, N.Rybak, M.Rylskiy, P.Tychyna, M.Semenenko, N.Uzhviy and other well-known Ukrainian citizens


The First Chairman of UPC (1951-1962) was the Academician Mykola Semenenko; in the years 1962-1975 the organization was headed by the Academician Vasyl Komisarenko, a member of the World Peace Council. For 20 years, up to his death in 1995, the UPC was led by Oles Honchar, writer, Academician, member of the World Peace Council





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A considerable contribution to the UPC activities was made by Boris Zverintsev, the First Deputy Chairman of Oles Honchar



In 1997, the UPC got its new Chairman in the face of the First President of Independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, the leader who initiated Ukraine giving up its nuclear arms for peace movement. That unprecedented peace-loving and philosophical decision was a prudent step an still remains an example for other nations to follow


The Ukrainian Peace Council Presidium and the Advisory and Consultative Board unites well known public and political figures, scientists, artists, educationists, renowned professionals both in Ukraine and beyond its borders. Since its foundation, the UPC has gained international recognition, and has been awarded with prizes by the World Peace Council, UNESCO, UNO and other international organizations


The UPC considers its activity to be an integral part of the global peace movement, proclaims openness and constant readiness, on the people’s diplomacy basis, for partnership and participation in various forms and structures of international cooperation, in accordance with the policies pursued by the UNO, UNESCO and other non-governmental organizations, national peace movements and foundations 

The UPC is an essential part of peace maintaining policy of Ukraine as well as great contributor to the nation’s international prestige


The main goal: to consolidate public efforts in order to proclaim peace and harmony in Ukraine and rest of the world, spiritual unification of the nation, to foster the spirit of peace, youth patriotism and non-aggressive peace-loving psychology


Working on a voluntary basis, the UPC, in conjunction with state bodies and private structures, puts into effect its programs, based on statutory documents and international agreements


Statutory tasks of the UPC are aimed at fulfilling needs of the civil society in Ukraine such as:


  •           - preservation of peace and harmony in Ukraine
  •           - promoting consolidation of the constitutional principles and laws of a peaceful, civilized and democratic state in Ukraine
  •           - preservation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage
  •           - help to the socially challenged strata of society
  •           - education of the youth in the spirit of peace and friendship
  •           - health-improvement measures for Ukrainian children and youth
  •           - raising the prestige of Ukraine on the international arena

The Ukrainian Peace Council was the co-founder of the “International Renaissance Fund”, The Association "Medicine-Ecology”, The International Charity Foundation “Peace for Children”, The Association “Nature”, The Association “Ukraine-Green Peace”, The Institute of Conflict Situations Management, and other public organizations

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