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In 2000 the delegation of the Ukrainian Peace Council, headed by Leonid Kravchuk took part in World Conference and in General Assembly of the World Peace Council in Greece (Athens)

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World sport and culture festival and the Assembly devoted to Search for the solutions of the urgent global problems. Within the frames of the Assembly on The establishment of peace and world views, institutions, leadership and practice was extremely important

The representatives from 186 countries participated in the Assembly. The events were organized by International Federation For peace in the whole World and the World Association of Non-governmental Organizations and were held in South Korea (Seoul) in February 2002. Also the delegation of Ukrainian Peace Council organized a series of meetings with politicians and public figures of South Korea. Volodymyr Novokhatskyi, Deputy-Chairman and Executive Director of the Ukrainian Peace Council gave a speech

The Conference organized by the World Association of Non-governmental Organizations on the topic The culture of responsibility and the role of non-governmental organizations. This event was held in Capitol Hilton in Washington in October 2002. It gathered representatives of non-governmental organizations from 86 countries. The matters of fundamental importance for cooperation of international non-governmental organizations were discussed. On behalf of Leonid Kravchuk, Chairman of Ukrainian Peace Council, spoke Yuriy Bugai member of the UPC Presidium

The Conference of Inter-religious International Federation for Peace on the topic The development of culture, structure and peace politics is in danger was held in February, 2003 in Southern Korea (Seoul). It gathered 70 most famous political and public figures of the world. Sergiy Komisarenko First Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Peace Council gave a speech

Forth International Conference Children of Chornobyl medical consequences and socio-psychological rehab. The conference, initiated by the office on coordination of humanitarian matters of United Nations Organization, World Organization of Health Protection and the Association the Doctors of Chornobyl, in which participated numerous international and Ukrainian representatives, took place in Ukraine in June 2003. United doctors and scientists from 24 countries of the world

International seminar World on the developing stage: innovative approach to peace through responsible leadership and beneficial management for the leaders of the Interreligious and International Federation for peace in the World

In October, 2003 the Ukrainian Peace Council together with the International Charitable Fund of Support and Friendship held the international conference titled: The role of non-governmental organizations, political and public figures in the development of the peace culture. In the conference participated representatives of more than 120 non-governmental organizations, Ambassadors and the representatives of the embassies, international representatives of UNO, EU and NATO in Ukraine

The speeches were given by: Leonid Kravckuk, Chairman of the Ukrainian Peace Council, Chong Su Von, Honorable President of the International charitable fund of help and friendship, public figure of South Korea

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Cooperating with International public organizations the delegation of the UPC took part in the Summit of the World Leaders (Seoul, Korea). Topic: perspectives of the cooperation of governments and religions and the development of the personality in the 21 century

Third World Summit (Washington, USA). The topic of the Summit : "The establishment of the new management model in the world for achieving long-lasting peace"

In October, 2005 with the participation of UPC in Kiev there was held a presentation of the Federation of the World Peace in Ukraine, established in 2005 on the International meeting of the leaders (New York). The aims and tasks of the Federation of the World Peace are: the provision of the new level of the leadership by means of solving problems on the way to establishment of peace, consolidation of the efforts of the public organizations, scientists, the representatives of the system of education, cultural and religious representatives of the world

  • -Assembly 2005 on the topic The establishment of peace in the changing world : tendencies, challenges, innovations (Seoul, Krea)
  • -International Leaders Meeting Time of challenges and changes in the global management and public society: from Peace councils to the peace in nations, First Assembly of the World Peace Federation (New York, USA)
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Carrying on the long-term cooperation with Greek public municipal veteran organizations, Society Ukrainian-Greek Thought of Ukrainian Diaspora in Greece, Greek-Ukrainian Chamber, Ukrainian Embassy in Greek Republic, Ukrainian Peace Council is implementing numerous authorized programs, organizing and participating in various cultural events

In particular:

  • -Commemoration of Day of memory of famine victims in Ukraine
  • -Erection and opening of the Taras Shevchenko monument in Athens
  • -National cultural project Ukrainian Days in Greece dedicated to Taras Shevchenko annual anniversary
  • -Conduction of charitable Christmas fair in Athens (Greece), participants of which: diplomatic agencies accredited in Greece, natural cultural associations, which represent local ethnic communities and world public were exposed to masterpieces of Ukrainian folk art masters
  • -Celebration of Victory Day and Mothers Day

Traditionally, UPC has been the co-organizer of the Ukrainians Forums, who live abroad and also the International Forums of Journalists, which are held in Greece

The Forums gather the representatives from more than 10 countries of the world (Europe, America and Canada).

In cooperation with Greek public organizations for more than 10 years, Ukrainian Peace Council jointly with the Society Ukrainian-Greek Thought of the Ukrainian Diaspora and Greek-Ukrainian Chamber initiated the establishment of the public organization, which bears the name Ukrainian Peace Council International Department in Greece

That was first step of the Ukrainian Peace Council to establish network of similar organizations around the world. Hopefully, this structure will function as the coordinator of public relationships between Ukraine and Greece. It will promote the solution of the urgent maters of the Ukrainians, who are abroad (legal and language assistance, etc.), it will help to promote the work of business entities of both countries, create enterprises, corporations, will attract investments to Ukraine, will help in solving the problems of the existing organizations

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Along with NTUU KPI, an Associated member of Peace Council, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Black Sea University Network, the Chair of UNESCO High Technical Education, applied systemic analysis and computer science, with the help of European center of higher education UNESCO (UNESCO-CEPES), Ukrainian Peace Council became the co-organizer of the Congress of Black Sea University Network, which was held on 2-5 April 2008 in NTUU KPI

BSUN unites 115 higher educational establishments from 11 Black Sea countries: Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. The forums aim is to strengthen the role of universities in the development of the Black Sea region and to improvement regional cooperation in educational, scientific and other areas

Mychailo Zgurovskiy, rector of NTUU KPI, member of the Ukrainian Peace Council Presidium, Academician of NAS of Ukraine and Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, was elected to be the President of BSUN for 2008-2010.

Among others the responsible employees of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the national parliaments in the Parliamentary Assembly of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), deputies of Ukraine, rectors of universities and leading scientists - members BSUN, representatives of international institutions and nongovernmental organizations, diplomatic missions, scientific and educational community, students Organizations of Ukraine

Leonid Kravchuk, the First President of Ukraine, Head of the Ukrainian Peace Council, gave a speech.Welcoming the gathering, he noted that educational and scientific institutions of the Black Sea region have initiated many ideas. Universities, he said, have always led the world's intellectual processes

Permanently continues a long fruitful cooperation with the Ukrainian Peace Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN and embassies, including: Brazil, Greece, Italy, China, South Korea, the USA, other countries

The year 2008 was marked by the establishment of contacts with public organizations and Ukrainian communities in the Federative Republic of Brazil and Italy, holding of a number of meetings, signing agreements to conduct joint activities between the Ukrainian Peace Council and the committee on relations with the post-Soviet countries of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Federative Republic of Brazil, outlining the principal propositions of the Agreement on cooperation

It is planned to establish the Ukrainian Peace Council International Departments in Brazil and other countries of Latin America

The UPC delegation, led by the Chairman Leonid Kravchuk, participated in the international conference organized by Universal Peace Federation that took place from January 29th to February 1st, 2009 in New York, USA. The central topic of the conference was:"Establishment of the universal peace and global solidarity"

More than 400 participants from 194 countries took part in the conference among them current and former leaders of the countries and governments represented, parliamentarians, religious figures, other officials of high rank, delegates of governmental and public organizations, representatives of academic circles, of the private sector, mass media, culture and other persons

The conference was opened by the Secretary General of the Universal Peace Federation Dr. Walsh

The First President of Ukraine, Head of the Ukrainian Peace Council Leonid Kravchuk made a speech in which he pointed out that: peace is of pivotal importance for Ukrainian people mainly because of the historical past. That is why from the very first days of its independence Ukraines policy has been outlined as peace oriented and life supporting. In June 1990 the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) adopted The Declaration of Independence that envisioned Ukraine as a country free from nuclear weapons. The decision to scrap all the nuclear weapons in the territory of Ukraine showed that Ukraine had no nuclear ambitions. It was an unprecedented step in modern history

The Chairman called upon the participants of the conference to unite their efforts, wisdom, experience and opportunities for the sake of promoting universal peace, and pointed out that establishment of a global peace-making organizations network would contribute to the development of the global peace processes

During the conference Ukrainian delegation took part in a number of meetings with the top management of the Universal Peace Federation: the President of the Federation Dr. Quaq Chong Hwa, the Secretary General Dr. Walsh, the Executive Director of the Peace Festival Aya Goto, the Director of the Department on Cooperation with Representatives Massimo Trombin, and with the heads and representatives of the national peace movements

Leonid Kravchuk was intervied by the Universal Peace Federation and USA mass media. He expressed his attitude to the democratic processes that were taking place in the post-Soviet countries and congratulated the founder of the Federation Dr. Sun Myung Moon on his 90th birthday and presented UPC honorary awards to Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon

In March 2009 the Ukrainian Peace Council in cooperation with the Universal Peace Federation held the international conference Mankind is One family: New Vision of Peace in the 21st Century in the framework of the World Tour for Peace 2009

Conference united representatives of public organizations, governmental institutions, public and political figures, representatives of the diplomatic corps of Ukraine, educationists and scientists, experts on religious matters. The participants adopted the Resolution and the Statement of the international conference Mankind is One family: New Vision of Peace in the 21st Century with the appeal to all progressive forces to step up work in the peace movement

Jointly with the UPC associated member the National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, with the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, and with the agency of Japan on international cooperation, friendly relations were established with the International Association Mayors for Peace

1698 cities are members of the organization Mayors for Peace includes. Working with the understanding that Big cities are the primary victims of wars, they carry on an active campaign for complete scrapping of nuclear weapons by the year 2020. The UPC supported peace-making initiatives of the international association Mayors for Peace and offered cooperation within the framework of the nuclear-free movement. The UPC also appeals to other countries with propositions to follow the example of Ukraine in scrapping nuclear weapons. At present, some new lines in cooperation are being worked out

In 2010, the Ukrainian Peace Council participated in the activities and supported the initiative of its associated member, the National Technical University of Ukraine Kyivsky Politekhnichny Instytut (NTUU) and of the Ukrainian-Polish Center centre at the NTUU to hold a football competition in Ukraine among Ukrainian and Polish student football clubs

The competition was held in the cities of Donetsk, Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv in September 2010 (these cities will be the venues of the finals of the European Championship Euro-2012). The motto of the tournament was: Through Sports to Cooperation and Mutual Understanding in Europe

The event was promoted cooperation between establishments of higher education of the Polish Republic and of Ukraine, friendship among young people, and preparation for the Euro-2012. In future, it is planned to widen the geography of the participants and make such football competitions regular

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