Ukrainian Peace Council expands horizons

2023-05-15 14:53:53


     The Ukrainian Peace Council, the International Charitable Foundation "Independent Ukrainian Media Center in Europe" and the All-Ukrainian Popular Science Newspaper Svit signed a cooperation agreement on May 10, 2023.

     Yurii Shcherbak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Charitable Foundation "Independent Ukrainian Media Center in Europe", a distinguished Ukrainian diplomat, scholar and public figure, spoke about the purposes of the Foundation he heads.

He pointed out that cooperation accords set forth in the agreement are in full harmony with Foundation's activities.


"We are particularly pleased to partner with the highly reputable Svit newspaper," he said. "We aim to publish our materials in three languages: Ukrainian, Polish and English. Our readership ranges between 200,000 to 400,000 individuals, not only in Ukraine but also in Poland, other EU countries, and the United States."

     The agreement also provides for the establishment of the NGO Ukrainian-Polish Peace Foundation in Poland, which will involve Ukrainians residing in Poland, whether permanently or temporarily, in its operations. Specifically, the Ukrainian-Polish Peace Foundation will engage in peacemaking activities within the European Union, guided by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's Peace Formula and the foresight research on socio-political processes that determine trends in and ways of averting and resolving global and regional conflicts.

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Speech by Mykhailo Zgurovsky,

Head of the Ukrainian Peace Council,

at the Ceremony for Signing the Cooperation Agreement between the NGO Ukrainian Peace Council,

the International Charitable Foundation ‘Independent Ukrainian Media Center in Europe’,

and the All-Ukrainian Popular Science Newspaper ‘Svit’

on May 10, 2023


Dear participants in the Ceremony,


It is very important for us to disseminate the main narratives of the Ukrainian Peace Council in Europe and the world over, given the current situation our country faces.


The reason for this is that different nations and political circles worldwide have different interpretations of achieving peace.


We are aware that a number of organizations, political figures, and even countries understand peace in the context of our country's situation as bowing to the terms dictated by Russia, based on the territories already occupied by Russia, and on its demands that Ukraine should not join the EU and NATO, demands for the neutral status of our country and more.


For Ukraine, as we feel and understand it, this is a delayed conflict, and perhaps a delayed, even bloodier war. Therefore, Ukraine has laid out its own vision of peace. It was presented by the Ukrainian President at the G20 summit last November 2022 as the ‘Ukrainian Formula for Peace’. The gist of the ‘Ukrainian Formula for Peace’ is that Ukraine, alongside the democratic world, achieve such conditions and guarantees of further peace, which would enable the civilized world to restore the global order precluding any violation of the sovereignty of any country, breach of the peace and any aggression.


Furthermore, this 10-point peace formula encompasses other crucial components. These include the protection of the ecosystem, the environment we inhabit, preservation of the sovereignty and independence of countries, based on many previous accords reached by the international community (such as those from the Yalta and Helsinki conferences held in the last century), and many other documents that established the world order then, averting the outbreak of any wars and conflicts.


Hence, the Ukrainian Peace Council adheres to these positions. It is of utmost importance for us to disseminate and communicate our concept and vision to the European audience, as well as to countries in Europe and worldwide. And thereby establishing close cooperation with the International Charitable Foundation "Independent Ukrainian Media Center in Europe", we primarily seek the opportunity to spread our vision of the 'Ukrainian Formula for Peace' across Europe and beyond. It would be to our advantage that your media center is very successful. The Center has a large audience, and if it opens its doors to our content and messages, we can effectively disseminate them.


Conversely, we are keen to share your main narratives in Ukraine, leveraging the resources available to us. Specifically, we have the Svit newspaper designed for scientists and educators. Svit is a highly respected publication in Ukraine. It is the newspaper of the Ukrainian intelligentsia. We would be very interested if the content of your developments and ideas could reach the Ukrainian audience through Svit on such mutually advantageous terms. And, on the other hand, we would like to use your platform to communicate our vision of the future and peace, and Ukraine's place in the civilized democratic world, as well as our plans and aspirations, to Europe and the world.


     This represents our vision of such cooperation.


     Thank you for your attention!