UPC Chairman Leonid Kravchuk, Head of the Parliament of Greece A. Katlamanis (Athens, May 2000)


In 1998-99 UPC jointly with the International Volunteers Committee of the USA initiated free English language courses in educational institutions, business and culture centers in Kyiv


In 2000 UPC delegation headed by Chairman Leonid Kravchuk took part in the International Peace Conference and in the World Peace Council General Assembly in Athens, Greece. At the Conference Leonid Kravchuk reported on the right of Ukraine to appeal for nuclear disarmament


The Ukrainian Peace Council organized the photo exhibition: “Ukraine and Peace – Glimpse at the World on the Threshold of the Third Millennium” in Athens City Hall on occasion of the Conference and the World Peace Council General Assembly. The exhibition was inaugurated by L. Kravchuk, Y. Sergeyev (Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece) and Ms Evangelidu (Deputy Mayor of Athens)


Since 1998 with the assistance of Athens mayor’s office and Greek public organizations it became possible to establish friendly relations with the community of New Smyrna Saint Metropolia of St. Barbara’s Church which is headed by the Archpriest Theodor Georgiu. Each year the community of St. Barbara’s Church invites children from different parts of Ukraine to spend their summer holidays at Euboea

Apart from staying on the Aegean Sea, children have an opportunity to visit historical, cultural and religious places of ancient and modern Greece. They may also get acquainted with the history, culture, national traditions and spiritual values of the Greek nation


The Ukrainian Peace Council is grateful to the Archpriest Theodor Georgiu (Director of UPC Program “Improvement of the Ukrainian children’s and youth’s health”) and to the community of St. Barbara’s Church for the long-term and effective cooperation 


The establishment of Ukraine-Malta seasonal air communication enabled humanitarian haulage of children from Ukraine to Malta


A number of joint medical, educational and cultural programs were held with Japanese society “Friendship”


The Program “Turbota (Care)” was established with the assistance of the charity organization headed by our compatriot Yevgeniya Pasternak. The program’s aim was providing low-income groups with charitable meals. For over three years this program provided help to more than four thousand Kyiv residents


In frames of the UPC Program “Canadian Experience for Ukraine the film “They cannot wait” was shot. The program was organized with the assistance of The Canadian Embassy in Ukraine and the Canadian Cooperation Fund


For more than two years the Ukrainian Peace Council provided assistance to children’s tuberculosis hospital in Kyiv and children’s department of congenital heart disease, the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine


The Ukrainian Peace Council jointly with other public organizations (International League of Mother and Sister to the Ukrainian Youth, Association of the UN Assistance in Ukraine, International Aid and Friendship Charity Foundation and others) initiated a contest of youth projects held in frames of International Decade of Peace Culture and Child Non-Violence 2001-2010


In 2004 the UPC Program Ukrainian Public Figures was launched. UPC proudly recognize its associated members, veterans of peacemaking movement, public figures, citizens, people of culture, science, sport, education, politics as well as renowned representatives of different confessions



The Delegates Exchange Program between the Association of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament and the Ukrainian Peace Council is implemented as a result of collaboration with different social organizations since 2004


  • - implementing joint peacemaking programs
  • - development of mutual social, cultural, economic and other relations between countries
  • - raising the authority of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Peace Council

UPC established its first International Department in Greece (2007) which was the result of the UPC Program Establishment of the Ukrainian Peace Council Departments and Missions Abroad (2006). The program stipulates establishment of the UPC Departments in countries with substantial percentage of Ukrainians, such as Brazil, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the USA, France, Canada and others



Promotion of Ukraine as a peace-loving country, promotion of its peace initiatives such as nuclear weapon abandonment which serves as an example of healthy peace and humanitarian state philosophy


Fostering consolidation of the Ukrainian nation, meeting national, cultural, spiritual, educational, social, language and information requirements of Ukrainians that live abroad. The program also aims at protection the rights and legitimate interests of Ukrainians in countries of their permanent or temporary residence and preserving their national and cultural heritage as well as their ethnic identity


Providing conditions to obtain funds for Ukrainian investment projects, grants, humanitarian, technical, financial aid aimed at:

  • - supporting disadvantaged groups, sick persons, combatants, casualties of armed conflicts, anthropogenic and ecological catastrophes, people of science, culture, sport and peace-making movement participants

  • - constructing, reconstructing and supporting organizations and events aimed at improving ecological environment in Ukraine, supporting mass media, culture informational and publishing centers and new technologies




Assisting children’s and youth’s health improvement programs


Conducting international assemblies, forums, conferences and other activities with the assistance of the Ukrainian diaspora, bringing public, state and political figures, people of education, art, and businessmen of Ukraine into the picture